BFGoodrich Last mile delivery tyres

Courier Kings – Last Mile Delivery

More parcels than hours in our day
On the fast track

Last mile delivery is one big obstacle course against the clock. BFGoodrich® van and 7,5 tonne lorry tyres are seriously robust, surviving kerbs, road work and potholes. We flick from one happy customer to the next without fear of a breakdown or needing a pitstop.

No tolerance for inefficiency

BFGoodrich® tyres keep noise on a low level while we negotiate narrow streets and hunt down delivery addresses. Plus they also have low rolling resistance, reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. That's a definite bonus for both the city and our courier service.


We stop and start a lot along all the miles of our parcel delivery route, and knowing our tyres brake safely is a load off our mind. Labelled M+S and 3PMSF and tested in winter conditions in northern Europe, they've proven that their wet grip withstands the rough road and weather conditions.