BFGoodrich General Cargo tyres

Diesel Demons – General Haulage

Cramming the miles into our budget!
Tautline our budget

As freight companies, we watch our margins like our time at a rest stop. Efficiency is key to profitable hauling! BFGoodrich® tyres are made to put in long lorry hours and long transport miles. Available wherever we roam, we can always find the tyre we need to get the job done.

Get heavy on the treads

Bring on the bad weather! BFGoodrich® M+S and 3PMSF tyres are winter-ready, and the 22.5” truck and trailer tyres have their very own 100% retread offer. Truckers in several countries all over the world have already tried the service and swear by it for getting more miles of bulk transport out of each tyre at a lower cost.


Thanks to BFGoodrich®’s OnRoad Assistance, roadside breakdowns are nothing to fear. We get help wherever we are at any hour of the day to get our hgv back on its wheels.